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Flannery's Green Guide - Massachusetts

Efficiency Example

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This conservation sample would reduce energy and water consumption by 50% beyond ASHRAE Std. 90.1, 1999


1. Optimization of building foot print to maximize daylighting, orientation
    and massing.
2. HO T-5 indirect lighting at .5 W/sf in conjunction with task lighting at .2W/sf.
3. Shallow floor plates to maximize daylight penetration.
4. Continuously dimming daylight control.
5. Multi-pane high performance glazing - clear triple pane with two spectrally  
    specific selective AFG Ti-R low -e coatings. Fiberglass frames.
6. Clear 4 - element Vision Wall framing for atrium.
7. Opaque wall and roof insulation values R-20 for walls and R-35 for roof.
8. 35 KW Photovoltaic Solar Energy System.
9. Compartmentalised 2 and 4 pipe fancoil system, eliminating reheat,
    controlled by occcupancy sensors. Under floor distribution of piping.
10. Solar Domestic Hot Water System.
11. High effeciency condensing boilers.
12. Variable speed drives and high - effeciency motors.
13. Compartmentalised ventilation controlled by occupancy sensors.
14. Enthalpy ventilation heat recovery.
15. Water conserving plumbing fixtures and pressure reducing valves.
16. Reduction in storm water runoff through increased use of pervious pavement,
      landscaping and a green roof.
17. Enhanced commisioning.

This example is based on a northern climate.