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Flannery's Green Guide - Massachusetts

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Important Contacts
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The following is a very important list of people involved in the Energy Efficiency field in Massachusetts. It includes their company name and phone number.

Electricity - Ron Gillooly CEM, 508-922-6835, NSTAR NGRID
MBCx - Leo Ryan Business Development Manager, 617-224-9900, ENERNOC
LED Lighting - Kelly S. Cota LC, LEED AP, Program Manager - Energy Efficiency, 781-907-1554, NSTAR NGRID
Flourescent Lighting - Bob Ponzini Commercial Engineer, 603-785-5454, OSHRAM Sylvania
Gas Technologies - Michael Pace Lead Engineer, C & I Efficiency Program, 800-843-3636, NGRID
Combined Heat and Power - Kevin Harnett PE, Program Manager, NSTAR
Combined Heat and Power - Steve Zilonis VP, Aircogen CHP Solutions Inc, 781-383-0304 ex 5010, Dresser Rand Corporation
Compressed Air - Robert N. Littman, 508-230-9445, Air Energy Inc
Variable Speed Drives - Karen Howe, 508-854-0708, Baldor
Variable Refrigerant Volume HVAC Systems - Jim Dale, 866-4DAIKIN, Daikin AC
Insulation - Icynene, 800-758-7325
Boilers - Geoff Wilkinson Jr, 800-777-1629, Wilkinson Company
Chillers and AC Compressors 21st Century - Southern Air Inc, 617-268-4041, Danfoss Turbocor
Energy Management Systems - Brian Crofts, 978-528-4630, FMC Technologies Inc.
Data Centers - APC - Schnieder Electric, Sales 800-272-2722
Electrical Induction Lamps - Munro Distributing, 800-777-0172
Energy Tax Savers - EPAct, Charles Goulding, Kenneth Woods, 516-364-2630
Efficiency Services Agreement - Bob Hinkle, Metros Energy, 415-203-5367
Financing - Neil Zobler President, Catalyst Financial Group Inc, 203-790-4177
Mass HEFA Green Loan Program Power Options, Non Profit Energy Purchasing Consortium, Cynthia Arcate President and CEO, 617-737-8377
Financing Federal Projects - Deb Beattie, 303-384-7548, NREL UESC and ESPC
High Performance Lighting - Kelly Carls LC, 218-269-4510, Reflex Lighting
Lighting Controls - Kandice Cohen, NE UTIL Energy Manager, 610-282-7811, Lutron Electronics Co. Inc
Implementative Energy Efficiency - Martine Dion AIA LEED AP, 617-547-5400, SMMA

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