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Flannery's Green Guide - Massachusetts

LEED Platinum Buildings

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• 40 Sylvan Road, Waltham, MA (LEED CS v2.0)
• 823 Main Street Condominiums (10 units of affordable housing, Just-A-Start/MCR Construction), Cambridge, MA (LEED H)
• ADD 311 office, Boston, MA (LEED CI v2.0)
• Affordable housing development (12 units), Provincetown, MA (LEED H)
Artists for Humanity EpiCenter, Boston, MA (LEED NC v2.1)
• Autodesk, Inc. offices, Waltham, MA (LEED CI v2.0)
• Chapman Construction/Design office renovation, Newton, MA (LEED CI v2.0)
Genzyme Center, Genzyme Corporation, Cambridge, MA (LEED NC v2.0)
• Habitat for Humanity Lowell single-family affordable home, Westford, MA (LEED H)
Harvard University's Blackstone Station Office Renovation, Cambridge, MA (LEED NC v2.1)
• Harvard Business School's McCulloch Hall interiors, Boston, MA (LEED CI v2.0)
• Harvard Graduate School of Education's Larsen Classroom interior renovation, Cambridge, MA (LEED CI v2.0)
• Harvard Law School's Griswold Hall, Cambridge, MA (LEED CI v2.0)
• Harvard University house, 2 Grant St., Cambridge, MA (LEED H)
• Leggat McCall Properties, Boston, MA (LEED CI v2.0)
• Massachusetts Audubon Society, South Wellfleet, MA (LEED NC v2.1)
• National Grid main office, Waltham, MA (LEED CI v2.0 + LEED CS)
• Private residence (Estes), Ashfield, MA (LEED H)
• Private residences (3 homes, PowerHouse Enterprises), Cambridge, MA (LEED H)
• Private residence (Premier Construction), Dartmouth, MA (LEED H)
• Private residences (4 affordable homes, South Mountain Co.), Edgartown, MA (LEED H)
• Private residences (duplex, Saslaw Associates), Jamaica Plain, MA (LEED H)
• Private residence (Rogers), North Truro, MA (LEED H)
• Private affordable single-family residences (2 units, McShane Construction), Truro, MA (LEED H)
• Private residence (Corsa), Turner Falls, MA (LEED H)
• Private residences (4 affordable homes), Wellesley, MA (LEED H)
• Private residences (8 single-family affordable homes, South Mountain Co.), West Tisbury, MA (LEED H)
• Wisdom Way Solar Village homes (6 affordable attached units, Rural Development Inc.), Greenfield, MA (LEED H)




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