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Flannery's Green Guide - Massachusetts


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These are responses and comments from the guides participants

Just wanted to say thanks for putting this ( newsletter ) together. It's really great. Aaron Desatnik, The Greenroundtable.

I am glad to see your Green Guide... I used to live myself in the State--and taught at a University of Massachusetts campus--local guides like this are an idea that i think is important! Robert Wilder, Fund Manager of WilderHill Index Funds ECO and NEX, an American and Global cleantech investment opportunity.

Wow, great newsletter, seriously. Do I have permission to forward along to folks when they ask me, “How can I get up to speed on the clean green sector in New England?”Matthew Richards, Managing Director, Dane Partners.


"I was  looking at your website, very interesting!" Brett Feldman, NSTAR

"You have an impressive site and it will be a great resource for me", John Rand, Energy Consultant, Borrego Solar Massachusetts.

"Very interesting,Peter - i'll mention it in our newsletter"
Richard Fitzgerald,Executive Director of the Boston Society of Architects/AIA

"Thank you for contacting EERE information center. We appreciate your interest in energy efficiency and renewable energy"
Diana Glassman - Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, DOE

"I would be overjoyed to be added to your web site. I will be adding you to my web site".
Charles Nadel PE - Advanced Energy Systems USA

"Peter, I wanted to thank you for adding NESEA to your wonderful web site".
Thank you so much
Amanda Trudo - Director of Operations, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

"Cool" Erin Baker, Research Engineer at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Her research information is available in the Research page of this web site. See UMASS Boston Research by Jeff Kiesler of the School of Management...

" Good Luck to You" Heidi Hunt, Assistant Editor of Mother Earth Magazine

"Thanks Peter, You might want to consider placing our RSS news feed on your site -- it's free -- and there's fresh renewable energy content daily which will make your site interesting, up to date etc. "Thanks again, Jim.
Jim Callihan, President, Renewable Energy Access.

"Thank you for your support"
Kind Regards, Edwin Nordstrom, Viessmann Manufacturing Company USA

"Thank you, Peter. We appreciate the exposure. And  congradulations on your good work providing a clearinghouse of information on environmental information".
John Sterling, Executive Director, The Conservation Alliance

"Thank you very much for listing us on your website". Melissa Powers, One Percent  for the Planet

Flannery's Green Guide mentioned in the Green Notes section of the June addition of the Boston Society of Architects newsletter on page eight.

"Thanks" Manuel Lynch, CEO, PERMLIGHT

"Your website is a really great resource. We're so lucky to have you aboard"
Erica Corrine Siebolt, University of Massachusetts at Boston Sustainability Club President.

"Thanks Peter", Leith Sharp, Director, Harvard University Green Campus Initiative.

"Thanks Peter" Michael Moore, Senior Research Biologist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Many thanks, Peter. I am passing this on to some of my colleagues as
well and you could also feel free to go to and
directly submit any thoughts you have. I encourage you to steer others
there as well. Please mark those communications to: "Attn - energy and
environment working group." Again, thanks for steering us to your web
site. I had not been familiar with it but I am now - it is very
impressive! And a good picture of Deval to boot! Best, John DeVillars,
Partner and Founder of Blue Wave Strategies and former Regional Administrator of the New England Region Environmental Protection Agency.

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your note — keep up the good work on the site!
Jon Akland, Graphic Designer, Boston Society of Architects.