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Flannery's Green Guide - Massachusetts

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Environmentalists Back 401(k) Investing In Green Mutual Funds

Social(k) was launched in September 2005 as a mutual fund platform focused on SRI funds. Based in Boston, the platform includes more than 100 SRI mutual funds and offers more than 600 traditional funds from 40 fund families. The company currently urges trustees of mutual funds to vote their proxies in environmentally friendly ways, a company source says, adding that the group plans to expand its proxy voting efforts in the future.



Peter's Investment $ 50/month as of 8/2007 = $0

Chicago Climate Exchange

CleanTech Investing

Green Investing -
Green Century Funds -
Massachusetts Technology Transfer Collaborative,
Guinness/Atkinson Funds
Sierra Club Mutual Funds -
Socially Responsible MBA -
Global Environment Fund -
Green Real Estate, Amy Teghe LEED AP, Coldwell Banker
Green Chip Stocks -

Domini Social Investments -
Solar Stocks Boom in 2005 -- But It Is Just the Beginning  recommends VESTAS, Solarworld, Sharp Company, other small firms include FAFCO, Plug Power, World Water and Power and Spire Corp.
Distributed Energy Financial Group, LLC has a Distributed Energy Stock Index.
New Social Investing Option, In Equal Exchange, CDs,
Invest in NativeEnergy futures to offset your carbon footprint by bringing new alternatives to market. Edit Text